MinnoTank is a platform to connect early stage startups and investors through a live stream pitch. But just because we aren’t a nonprofit, doesn’t mean we don’t have a mission behind us.


Meet our founder Ken G. Barton. You can find more about him on the Minnotank.com/about page. But he is an openly gay founder, and one of his passions is to level the playing field when it comes to investment capital.

Check out this FastCompany article that says, “Between 2011 and 2013, companies with a female CEO got only 3% of the total venture capital dollars available. That’s $1.5 billion out of the total $50.8 billion invested in that two year period–a tiny slice of the pie. This year’s Crunchies, the Oscars for the tech community, had a new award category: the Diversity Include Award. Silicon Valley is as guilty as Hollywood for its lack of diversity.”

Why the mission?

Diversity is beautiful, and the success and possibility that lives in startups should be experienced by more than just one class of founder.

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